Monday, July 9, 2012

Staples Back To School Moneymaker

Go here to view ad and print off a -$5.00 off $30.00 purchase coupon. 

Then you can go to Staples this week and use this coupon when purchasing these items -
Buy (2) Staples 2013 desktop calendar, $4.99 each (get $4.99 back in easy rebate)
Buy (1) Scotch Super Glue, $2.99 (get $2.99 back in easy rebate)
Buy (2) Staples 8.5″ x 11″ multipurpose paper, $6.99 (get $6.74 back in easy rebate)
Buy (1) HP Everyday 8.5″ x 11″ photo paper, $9.49 (get $8.99 back in easy rebate)
Buy (2) Rose Art Crayons (24pk), $0.01
Buy (2) Staples School Glue , $0.01
Buy (2) BIC Round Stic ballpoint pens (8ct black), $0.01
Use $5 off $30 Staples printable
Pay $32 + tax
Submit for $35.44 in rebates
Final Price: $3.44 Moneymaker

If you have any old binders laying around, you can recycle them at Staples (no limit) and save $2.00 instantly on a new binder.

Friday, July 6, 2012

School Backpack - Toys R Us deal

Right now Toys R Us has an awesome deal on backpacks for preschool/elementary age kids. All their backpacks are 20% off and you will receive a FREE lunch kit when you purchase a backpack over $12.99 - go here for all the details. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Need School Supplies? Enter this Giveaway!

Go here to leave a comment and you'll be entered in this Back To School Giveaway.  Who doesn't love giveaways??

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"I Don't Have Time to Coupon" - something I will NEVER say again

I went shopping with Tina this evening - just to get out of the house with my lovely daughter AND to take advantage of some coupons/sales before the new sales start tomorrow.  While checking out at Walmart the two women behind us were amazed at how much money I saved and they started asking how we do it.  As Tina and I began explaining it to them, they both stated "Yeah well I don't have time for all that." 

In the words of the Coupon Diva, "If you don't have time to coupon, then you ain't been broke enough!" - gotta love it!

And in my opinion, if you don't have time to coupon then you would have gotten all of this for $17.92 instead of just .23 like I did
 or you would have paid $41.00 for all of this instead of the $16.00 I paid.
This is why I coupon!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reality Couponing Tip #2 - store policies

It is a good idea to carry the individual store's policies in your coupon binder. That way when there are discrepancies at the register with a cashier you have your copy of their policy and can quickly refer to it.

Walmart coupon policy

Walgreen's coupon policy

Target Coupon policy

Feel free to google your favorite store's coupon policy and print it off.

Reality Couponing Tip #1 - using the internet

When I first began using coupons I had lots and lots of time during the week to peruse the internet looking for deals and coupons.  Now that I work full-time I just don't have that much time. I would get completely frustrated and give up couponing altogether if I had not already set up a system using the internet.  I would like to share with you how I prepare for my weekly shopping trips using the internet and these 3 items -

This is a notebook to jot down deals, my store binder (purple) and my coupon binder. I'll explain this as we go along....

Google Reader -
I have found many blogs where women have done all the work for me in matching up coupons to store sales.  This is AWESOME! Here's a picture of what my Google Reader looks like when I open it -

Here's how you use it. When you go to a blog you might see this symbol (it's normally near the top and much smaller than THIS picture...) This called an RSS symbol.

If you click on that symbol in the blog you are reading you will be given the option of following that blog in a reader of your choice...I happen to choose Google Reader, but you can choose which ever one you like better.

Next you will need to find the blogs you want to rely on to keep you  updated on sales.  Here are my favorites, but feel free to search the net and find some you really like -
Wild for Wags - for all information on shopping at Walgreens
Totally Target - for all info on shopping at Target
I heart Publix - for all info on shopping at Publix
I heart CVS - for all info on shopping at CVS
Nicoles Nickels, Krazy Coupon Lady, BeCentsAble - general information on lots of stores

Now that you have some blogs added to your reader you will notice your list of blogs on the left hand side. Click on one of the blogs and you will see that individual blog's posts open up in the right hand side. This allows you to scroll through them and read the posts.  On the list of blogs (left hand side) there is a number in parenthesis after each blog title. This number represents how many posts the blogger has posted that you haven't read yet.

Here's the best part!  Step 1
When I am preparing for my shopping trip I go to my Google Reader and use the "search" feature at the top of the screen.  If I want to see what the deals are at Publix, I type in "Publix" and my Reader will go through all the blogs I am following and find all the posts featuring anything to do with Publix. I can quickly scroll through them, pull out the coupons they tell me I'm going to need from my blue coupon binder or print off internet coupons using the links they provide.

Step 2
In my small purple store binder (from the picture above) I have each tab labeled with the stores I shop at.  Since I am working on my Publix shopping trip I will put the coupons I gathered (from Step 1) into my purple binder behind a tab labeled "Publix".  The reason I do this is because I always shop at multiple stores, mostly Walgreens, Publix and Target.

Step 3
I use my notebook to jot down the store name, sales, prices and final price of the products I am looking for. I do this because sometimes the prices listed online are not quite the same as the prices in my local store and I want to know if it is still a good deal or not.  I also have this information to compare it when I am in another store.

Step 4
Shopping time! When I go shopping I take my coupon binder, purple store binder and notebook.  I only purchase the items on my shopping list, unless I see clearance items/unadvertised sales and I have coupons to match up with these items (hence, the reason for carrying in my big blue coupon binder.)  If I am in a hurry I only carry in my small purple store binder.  This fits in my purse and is perfect for carrying the coupons I'll be using. As I am shopping in the store, if I decide to use a coupon I have pulled from my purple binder, then I will place it in the very front of the purple binder so it is easily accessible when I am ready to check out.

I hope this helps you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment and I'll do the best I can to help you!